We are creators of value

Architecture, digitalisation, and business-know-how are our tools when developing cities and properties. We are convinced that good architecture makes people, communities, and companies feel better. And is an overall better business. We combine over 50 years of experience with fresh curiosity. We want to be involved in and take responsibility for the development of a better society together with our clients. We are here to create higher values, for more people.

What works. Or doesn’t.

The developer’s role is getting more and more complicated. The need for a long-term perspective, reflection, and close cooperation are becoming increasingly important. By understanding property economics and real estate issues – in addition to creating a great architectural design – Semrén & Månsson is an advisor with a holistic perspective, creating added value throughout all stages of a building process. Our approach applies to both individual property development and long-term, large-scale urban planning. We have a strong ability to correctly estimating investment levels and plot ratios, which is crucial for creating real public benefit. With us, you will find solid practical knowledge and experience from a vast variety of projects. In short: we know what works. Or doesn’t.

Digitized design is our success factor

Semrén & Månsson Group is a driving force in the digital transformation that the construction and real estate industry is currently undergoing. In a transparent digital process, we test and evaluate ideas, materials, and techniques early in the project. With evidence-based design, we get a thorough examination of the project’s conditions, key issues and continued vision work to get a sustainable foundation to start from. For us, it is obvious that fact-based decisions are the basis for successful projects that provide both long-term architectural qualities and increased property values.

Property developers

To better understand our clients’ reality, we develop properties ourselves. We combine a strong vision with a practical touch. We build to develop the role of an architect, draw new lessons, and prove that nothing is carved in stone. Our architectural background gives us a different approach when we develop properties, and our experiences as a developer make us a better architect and consultant. By taking responsibility for the entire process, we show in practice that it is possible to build smarter, at lower costs, and with lasting values.

“Understanding economics is fundamental to architecture. Economy decides if and how an architectural idea can be translated into a concrete solution.”

Magnus Månsson, architect + owner

Sustainable world, sustainable business

By taking a business-like holistic approach to sustainability, we can create more and long-term values ​​for both private customers and municipalities, and society at large. And with a digital offering at the forefront, we streamline the construction process. With efficient and transparent analyses, we visualize and communicate the measurable world. By doing so we facilitate dialogue with the city, streamlines the planning and construction processes, and benefits property owners, builders, and the city’s residents.

By bringing together different stakeholders, at the right stage in the process, we also minimize risks and the feeling of exclusion. At the same time, we increase the understanding of the financial aspects of the projects and thus enable both a better and more sustainable architecture.

For us, sustainable architecture is an obvious prerequisite for people and cities to prosper, now and in the future. And to manage we must understand what business is critical. The way forward is seldom straightforward, but with an innovative perspective and with a responsive process we can contribute to a sustainable world. And a sustainable business.

The buildings we design have environmental classifications from the certification systems ‘Miljöbyggnad’, ‘BREEAM’ and ‘LEED’, and additionally, we are a proud member of the Sweden Green Building Council. Our quality and environmental management system are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. The system supports our day-to-day work and guarantees that our projects are executed in a structured and consistent manner.

Let’s get started!

Wanna meet up? Currently, we are located in the three major cities in Sweden. Internationally we also work towards the Russian market with offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In Poland, we have an office in the city of Szczecin. Rather meet online? We are always ready.

So, let’s get started. We are here, for you, to create higher values.


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